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Earrings are not just decorations! They can be an ace in every woman’s pocket.

No matter the shape of her face a clever woman knows how to accentuate her beautiful features and earrings are a great way to play with the proportions of the face to achieve a pleasant harmony.

Points to note on an earring is the length, the shape, and where to position its mass to bring balance to the face visually.

We put together an instruction guide on how to determine the type of your face and in the next weeks we will analyze each face type offering suggestions for the earrings that will achieve the desired outcome for every type.



You’ll need

a soft fabric measuring tape

a piece of paper

a pencil

a mirror


Let’s start! Position yourself in front of a mirror.

1.The first measurement is across the wide side of your forehead (a)

Midway between your eyebrows and the upper hairline.

Measure the distance straight from the hairline on one side of the head to the hairline on the other side. Note down the result.



2. The second measurement is across your cheekbones (b) 

Locate the most prominent part of your cheekbones with your fingertips.

This spot can be traced right below the outer corner of each eye.

Measure straight from each cheekbone to the other.

Make sure not to press the measuring tape against your nose as this will affect the accuracy of the results.


3. The third measurement is from each end of your jaw to the tip of your chin (c)

Multiply this measure by two (x2)to get the total length of your jawline.



4. Last but not least it is time to measure the length of your face (d)

The distance you need this time is from the centre point of your upper hairline down to the tip of your chin. Please remember not to press the measuring tape against your nose.


Now that you have noted down the most important measurements you can compare them to determine your face shape.

What matters is the proportions.




I hope you’ll find the guide useful!

Next week we’ll share tips on how to choose earrings to flatter a Round face.








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