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At Actina we respect nature and everything that surrounds us. We believe that it is important to be kind to people, the environment, and being kind to yourself.

Metals from ethical sources

Metals from ethical sources

Our global economy relies upon natural resources extracted from the Earth, but removing them can cause erosion, pollution, deforestation and species loss, not to mention the climate impact of burning fossil fuels once they’re out of the ground. As development continues to encroach on natural areas, we are seeking ways to reduce our impact.

At Actina we take sustainability and our responsibility towards the environment seriously. We use high quality metals from legal and ethical sources that have not been associated with illegal activities or human right abuse.

Sterling silver (925)

We use the highest quality, durable sterling silver, which is an alloy made of 92,5 pure silver and 7,5% copper. All of our pieces are stamped with the 925 mark which indicates the purity of the metal.

Gold-plated silver

The gold-plating covering our jewelry consists of a thin layer of 18k gold on a high quality sterling silver base. This allows us to create high quality pieces of jewelry without the premium price tags of solid gold.

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metals from ethical

Our Values

“We believe that we can embrace the beautiful materials that come from the earth without harming our planet or compromising those who inhabit it.”

Plastic free packaging


Plastic free packaging

The beautiful packaging that contains your jewelry features fully sustainable materials and was designed mindfully to move away from plastics and non recyclables.

Plastic boxes and polyester foams are widely used as a packaging source in the jewelry industry. We use ecological paper boxes, made of FSC-certified cardboard and instead of foam we use natural wool felt inserts. Also, our shipping boxes are made from kraft paper, durable to ensure it arrives to you safely yet easily recyclable.

From the designer

the designer

From the designer

“Sustainability for me is about producing “better”. It means measuring our environmental footprint, sourcing sustainably and moving towards a regenerative cycle with less waste. As a designer I don’t see it as a burden, but as a challenge to be more creative and innovative.”


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