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THANK YOU 2020 for…

…being part of something so important

This year I had a very special order! One of my best friends was getting married and she asked me to design her wedding jewelry, specifically their “Stefana”. In Christian Orthodox weddings we use this special piece of jewelry called “Stefana” (Greek wedding crowns), which are two crowns connected with a long ribbon. The symbolism behind “Stefana” is that the bride and groom are crowned as King and Queen of their home and the ribbon joining them symbolizes their unity. I felt honored to be called to design such an important piece of jewelry. Honored and challenged at the same time! I put my insecurities aside though, and focused on what I know best, to design. First I gathered a bunch of information, photos of the wedding dress, the decoration, the flowers, the general feeling of the wedding. Next, I put together some drafts and discussed them with my friend. We chose together the best one and then it was up to me to realize the design.

On the day of the wedding, at the church, the priest took the “Stefana” and began crossing them above their heads.

I was part of their story,that gave me goosebumps.



…a fun, creative day among talented people

From the moment I stepped in that beautiful garden I knew that it was exactly what I imagined. The scent of the lemon and orange trees was intoxicating! A citrus heaven!

We gathered there around midday. We were all feeling a bit anxious. In order to take beautiful pictures there were several factors to be considered. The light, the background, the vibe, how relaxed the model would feel.
In the beginning Elena was feeling quite shy, but it didn’t take her long to feel relaxed. The team vibe was so nice.

I remember a moment when she was under the lemon tree, wearing the citrus earrings when the clouds moved and a ray of sunshine fell on her face and illuminated the earrings.

That was exactly what I had in mind, the citrus collection came alive!

…the privilege to be part of other people’s stories

Two weeks ago I  received a message in my inbox from Elpida, asking if I could make an old design of jewelry that I no longer have in stock.. She told me that her sister would love them. Her sister Maria would spend Christmas away from home and she wanted to send her the earrings as a gift.I prepared the pair of earrings, put it in a nice packaging and decided to write a personalized card for Maria. I wrote the following message: “Your sister must love you very much”! Happy holidays!

The package arrived one day before Christmas! It was a surprise when I received a message from Maria, telling me that she loved the earrings and the sweet message very much. After a bit, I received another message from Elpida, telling me that the package arrived safe and sound and she was thanking me for the message I included for her sister.

I was touched by this story because I realized that this is what I want to offer to people, a way to express their love and affection. Thank you Elpida and Maria for making me this special Christmas gift!

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