At ACTINA we believe that jewelry must be timeless. A pair of earrings, a ring, and a necklace are more than decorative body ornaments, they tell a story about one’s character and beliefs.
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Slide Shop now inspired by the intoxicating scent of the citrus blossoms of Cyprus CITRUS COLLECTION

Slide Shop now CITRUS RING CITRUS COLLECTION inspired by the citrus blossoms of Cyprus Introducing

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What our customers say ?

I really admire your work, my shopping experience was very good and honestly I can wait to place my next order.

Antonia Stylianou - Cyprus

Amazing experience, super responsive and also accommodating the jewellery to my needs.

Eirini Christodoulou - Cyprus

Purchased an anklet recently and was the best desicion ever ! Love the design and quality ! Everybody who saw it loved it . Also amazing service ( very quick and i order a "in between size" that was done for me ) !

Chrystalla Constantinou - Cyprus

My sister loved the necklace and the whole line of products. Had a bit of a hard time ordering through mobile though.

Maria Tsiarta - Cyprus

Whenever I wear Actina jewelry, I feel elegant, sophisticated and erotic. Thank you!


I have shopped from ACTINA twice as gifts and my friends love both accessories. Good quality and design and very friendly and helpful service. I also ordered online and it arrives just two days later in a very beautiful package. I strongly recommend ACTINA .

Kleovoulos Stylianou - Cyprus

Simple , unique and elegant. I love the rough finish of silver in some earrings in combination with gem stones. Each piece is so elegantly shaped to show out the most of every woman. Actina is also taking custom orders for a very special present. Highly satisfied which every single piece of my jewelry.

Eva Spanoudi - Cyprus

Minimalism and elegance in unique forms. a young Cypriot artist creates timeless, adorable silver jewelry. f i v e stars to this!

Αναστασία Προκόπη Τάκη - Cyprus

Handmade, beautifully crafted jewelry! A piece of art! Really love my Universe necklace. "Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances!"

Chrysanthi Schiza - Cyprus

If you are looking for jewelry with soul, unique and elegant just take a look and fall in love with these designs

Cristinita Segura - Mexico

Amazing designs, excellent service, very caring and sweet!

Andrea Lilith - Cyprus


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